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The need for and the benefits of interprofessional collaboration are clear in theory; however, its implementation is not a matter of course. Therefore, the SAMS organizes several conferences to reflect the state of interprofessional collaboration and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Between 2016 and 2018, the SAMS focused on one aspect of IPC by organizing symposia that offer a platform for exchange and networking. At this event, «best practice» examples were awarded the «SAMS Prize on Interprofessionality».


  • 2018: «Interprofessionality in the health system: Better Chronic Care»
  • 2017: «Interprofessionality in the health system: what training for what practice?»
  • 2016: «Interprofessionality in the health system: thusfar - and next steps?»


Information and documentation on these events can be found in German or in French.


Read more about the SAMS Interprofessionality Award in German or in French.


Together with the Interprofessionality Platform of the mfe Haus- und Kinderärzte Schweiz (Association of Swiss General Practitioners and Paediatricians) and other healthcare organisations the SAMS organized the two-day event «How can interprofessionality succeed?». It took place in Zurich and in Morges.


The documents for both conferences are available in German and in French.





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