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23 September 2021: Intensive care triage – medical-ethical guidelines updated

Media release in German

Media release in French


More information on the guidelines can be found here.



22 July 2021: Seven goals for Clinical Research in Switzerland 

White paper and new coordination platform


More information on the white paper can be found here.



4 February 2021: Robert Bing Prize

The Robert Bing Prize 2020 goes to Johanna Joyce and Grégoire Courtine



Prof. Johanna Joyce, Lausanne


Prof. Grégoire Courtine, Lausanne

2 November 2020: Stern-Gattiker Prize

The SAMS recognises two female role models


Brief CVs of Professor de Seigneux Matthey and Professor Meyer German or French.




Prof. Sophie de Seigneux Matthey, Genève


Prof. Sara C. Meyer, Basel


Dominik Bach, laureate of the Robert Bing Prize 2018




26 October 2016: New SAMS President


Daniel Scheidegger is the incoming president of SAMS



Daniel Scheidegger, President of SAMS (starting 1.11.2016)


lic. phil. Franziska Egli