Helmut Hartweg Fund

With the resources available from the Helmut-Hartweg-Fonds, the SAMS awards personal grants to physicians for specialist training in medical radiology. For young scientists wishing to pursue an academic career in Switzerland, these grants make it possible perform research abroad, thus expanding their knowledge and enhancing their scientific profile.

Financially, these stipends conform to the Doc.Mobility grants by the SNSF. For the year 2017 there are CHF 150'000.- to be distributed.


Physicians in the field of medical radiology are eligible to apply for grants from the Helmut-Hartweg-Fonds if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have obtained a doctorate in medicine (MD or MD-PhD).
  • At the time of submitting the application, they have already gained research experience and have published at least two original articles as first author. In the case of unpublished manuscripts, evidence must be provided that these have been accepted for publication (confirmation from the publisher).
  • As a rule, they are under 40 years old.
  • They have Swiss citizenship or a degree from a Swiss university. At the time of receiving a grant, non-Swiss nationals must demonstrably have worked for at least two years at a research institution or hospital in Switzerland.


All Documents have to be written in english.


Due to insufficient dividend yields, there will be no Helmut Hartweg research grants awarded in 2018. The next call for applications will presumably be launched in 2019.


Expert Committee (in German)


Regulations «Helmut-Hartweg-Fonds» in  German  or  French


Synopsis of past laureates





Dr. Myriam Tapernoux
Head of Department