Robert Bing Prize

The Robert Bing Prize is financed by the legacy of the Basel neurologist Robert Bing (1878–1956). In accordance with the donor's will, the prize honours outstanding work in the recognition, treatment and cure of diseases of the nervous system.

Eligible for the Prize are young researchers (up to 45 years old, exceptions due to family duties are possible) in basic, translational or clinical neurosciences. The research must be of excellent quality, original, innovative and topical. Candidates should be Swiss or have been working in Switzerland for a significant amount of time.


The Prize is awarded every two years with a prize money of CHF 50'000.– for a single laureate. The Prize money is increased to a total of CHF 60'000.– if several persons are distinguished simultaneously.


Nominations can be submitted by a third party or an academic institution. Self-nomination is not possible. Nominations must be written in English and registered online.


The launch of the next call for nominations is planned at the end of 2023.



Robert Bing Prize 2022 laureates

The Robert Bing Prize 2022 has been awarded to Prof. Cristina Granziera (University Hospital/University of Basel), Prof. Mira Katan Kahles (University Hospital/University of Basel, University Hospital/University of Zurich) and Prof. Johannes Gräff (EPFL). More information in the media release of 17 January 2023.


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Robert Bing Prize regulations in French or in German


Evaluation Committee (in German)


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