Serving as a think tank, the SAMS aims to encourage reflection on challenging issues in medicine and to help shape developments. It supports professionals within the health system and offers expertise and advice for the benefit of policymakers and society.

Our health system is constantly evolving, with new scientific knowledge opening up possibilities in prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Primarily in collaboration with health system partners or in association with the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, the SAMS addresses emerging issues with a view to exploiting the opportunities and meeting the challenges of modern healthcare and prevention.


The menu on the left-hand side contains links to the following sections: an alphabetical list of keywords relating to SAMS projects, an overview of the networks in which the SAMS participates and, lastly, information on the medicine and health-related activities of other members of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences and the involvement of the SAMS.


The content of our website is available in German and French, and to a large extent also in English.






lic. phil. Valérie Clerc
Secretary General
Tel. +41 31 306 92 71