Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg Fund

With resources from the Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg Fund, the SAMS has supported research projects in biomedical ethics – namely clinical and public health ethics – since 2006. The annual call for proposals is either thematically open and primarily addressed to young researchers, or focused on a specific topic.

2023 call for proposals: Seed Grants for junior researchers

The 2023 call was thematically open and intended for junior researchers in biomedical ethics. KZS Seed Grants allow grantees to explore an innovative research idea, to realize a small, independent pilot project and/or to prepare their own project proposal to be submitted to a larger funding agency. The objective of KZS Seed Grants is to support junior researchers in obtaining independent research experience, thus facilitating the next step of their academic career.


Participation requirements

Non-tenured doctoral and postdoctoral researchers aiming at an academic career in biomedical ethics could apply for a KZS Seed Grant. Candidates had to be active at a research institution in Switzerland by the time of the submission deadline and for the intended duration of the grant. Applications had to have a clear ethical focus: The ethical dimension of the project and its relevance for medical practice had to be explicitly described in the application.


Funding and framework

For the 2023 KZS call, a total of CHF 250'000 was available. Per Seed Grant, up to CHF 80’000 could be awarded for a maximum period of 18 months. Applicants could not apply for more than one grant at a time.


Use of the grant

The grant money can be used to finance the costs of a small, independent pilot project or to generate preliminary data for a research proposal to be submitted to a larger funding agency. It can also cover a portion of the applicant’s salary during the grant period.


Projects must be in the planning stage; funding is not provided for ongoing projects.



Applications meeting the formal requirements were evaluated in a two-step procedure by the KZS Committee of the SAMS: Written applications were first evaluated based on the evaluation criteria defined in the KZS Fund Regulations, the specifications of the call 2023, and the expected added value of the grant for the candidate’s next career step. Selected applicants were then invited to present their project proposal during an interview with the KZS Committee.


Results of the 2023 call for proposals

Of the 16 submitted proposals, 4 KZS Seed Grants have been awarded to junior researchers for a total amount of CHF 226’675. The synopsis (pdf) gives an overview of all the projects supported by the KZS Fund.


2024 call for proposals

The next call for proposals will be launched during the first trimester of 2024. Whether the call will be focused on a specific topic or primarily addressed to early career researchers will be decided by then. The details will be published here and via our newsletter. Subscribe (French/German)


Downloads and links

KZS Fund Regulations in French or in German


Expert Committee (German site)


Synopsis of funded projects




Dr. Sarah Vermij
Scientific coordinator

Currently absent, replaced by Dr. Myriam Tapernoux: m.tapernoux@samw.ch | +41 31 306 92 76