Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg Fund

With resources from the Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg Fund, the SAMS has supported research projects in biomedical ethics – namely clinical and public health ethics – since 2006. The annual call for proposals is either thematically open, and primarily addressed to young researchers, or focused on a specific topic.

Results of the 2022 call for proposals: «Moral distress among the healthcare workforce»

With the 2022 call for proposals from the KZS Fund, the SAMS invited researchers to examine the issue of moral distress among healthcare professionals. The concept of moral distress encompasses experiences in which health care professionals – nurses, physicians, healthcare managers, etc. – are unable to act in an ethically appropriate manner or are involved in a situation that is perceived as morally undesirable, usually because of institutional constraints.


The negative impact of moral distress on the individuals directly involved, and on the healthcare system, has been studied internationally. However, solid data and a thorough medical-ethical discussion on the subject are still largely lacking in the Swiss context.


Of the 15 projects submitted, 4 have been selected for a total amount of CHF 267'841.–. They will contribute to examine, from the point of view of clinical and public health ethics, the roots of the frustration and the high drop-out rate of health professionals in Switzerland. The synopsis gives an overview of all the projects supported by the KZS Fund.


The results will feed into the discussion of the actions needed to alleviate the moral distress among the workforce of all levels and sectors of the healthcare system. If appropriate, the Central Ethical Committee (CEC) of the SAMS will publish recommendations for the implementation of the results in practice.



2023 call for proposals

The next call for proposals will be launched during the first trimester of 2023. Whether the call will be focused on a specific topic or primarily addressed to early career researchers will be decided by then. The details will be published here and via our newsletter.

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