Théodore Ott Fund

Since 1993, the SAMS has been supporting basic research in neurology with resources from the Théodore Ott Fund. In accordance with the wishes of the donor, physician and Professor of Neurology in Lausanne (1909 – 1991), grants funded by the Théodore Ott Fund are primarily intended to support young researchers active in this field in Switzerland.

Following the revision of its regulations in 2022, the Theodore Ott Fund will finance a specific national MD-PhD grant in neuroscience, as a rule every year. This, provided that the financial situation of the fund allows it and that a candidate corresponding to the support criteria does belong to those selected by the national MD-PhD Committee, who is responsible for the scientific evaluation of applications. Details of the National MD-PhD Program can be found here.


Grants from the Theodore Ott Fund were previously awarded in the context of a separate support instrument. However, fluctuating stock market returns and the restrictive wording of the former regulations prevented regular awards for several years. The «MD-PhD-Ott-grants» are intended to provide again effective support for young scientists in the field of basic research in neurology, in accordance with the wishes of the donor.


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