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The medical ethical guidelines of the SAMS are frequently being reviewed, revised and adapted, when new developments occur. Once an area is regulated, the SAMS withdraws the correspondening guideline. On this page you can find former and retracted versions of the guidelines.

Most of the guidelines are available in English with few exceptions. The complete list of guidelines can be found on the German and French page.



Former versions of current guidelines

All currently valid medical ethical guidelines can be found in the menu publications. There, the guidelines can be downloaded or ordered in printed form free of charge. The documents listed here are only available electronically.



Organ transplantation

Revoked guidelines

Gene therapy

Somatic gene therapy in humans (1998)

Withdrawal by the Senate of the SAMS on 29.11.2012




Principles on xenotransplantation (2000)

Replaced by: Verordnung über die Transplantation von tierischen Organen, Geweben und Zellen vom 16.3.2007 in German or French only