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In its roadmaps on the sustainable development of the healthcare system (2019) and the sustainability of healthcare services within planetary boundaries (2022), the SAMS called for reforms and proposed the drafting of a Federal Health Act. To this end, it commissioned Unisanté Lausanne, which published a scientific report in February 2024 on the state of health system governance and the relevance of a Federal Health Act. The SAMS has published a statement on the report supporting such an Act.

In its statement published in May 2024, the SAMS places the holistic «One Health» approach, at the interface between humans, animals and the environment, at the heart of its considerations. To achieve this, it is necessary to address «Health in all Policies», which cannot be achieved without appropriate political structures. As a prerequisite for a Federal Health Act, the SAMS proposes the inclusion of an article on health in the Constitution.


Statement of the SAMS: For a Federal Health Act (23.05.2024) in German or in French


Media release (23.05.2024) in German, in French or in Italian


The report entitled «Analyse de la gouvernance du système de santé suisse et proposition d'une loi fédérale sur la santé» published by Unisanté highlights the fact that the Swiss healthcare system is currently managed at federal level, primarily through the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal). Yet a healthcare policy should go far beyond this. The Unisanté report highlights a healthcare system that, while performing well, is ill-adapted to future challenges, with a fragmented vision of health, complex governance and tangled responsibilities.


Working Group

Professor Henri Bounameaux, Satigny, SAMS President

Valérie Clerc, Bern, SAMS

Professor Luca Crivelli, Manno, SAMS

Dr. Stefan Essig, Luzern, Academic Medicine

Professor Olivier Guillod, Corcelles, Health Law

Dr. Thomas Heiniger, Zürich, Health Policy

Daniel Scheidegger, Arlesheim, SAMS



Project Team

Professor Stéfanie Monod, Lausanne, Unisanté, Lead

Nelly Courvoisier, Lausanne, Unisanté (since June 2023)

Dr. Chantal Grandchamp, Lausanne, Unisanté

Xavier Mariétan, Lausanne, Unisanté (since June 2023)

Stéphanie Pin, Lausanne, Unisanté (until May 2023)







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