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The Swiss Medical Board (SMB) conducts cost-benefit analyses of medical interventions, thus contributing to high-quality care and efficient use of resources. It was established in 2011 by the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Public Health (GDK/CDS) and the SAMS – following a pilot project launched by the Zurich Health Department.

Over the years, the SMB has successfully established Health Technology Assessments (HTAs) as a standard for the evaluation of medical services. Important discussions on the benefits of interventions for patients have been initiated, and numerous recommendations have been submitted to policymakers, medical experts, and other service providers. Prompted by the activities of the SMB, the Federal Council has now launched a programme to review potentially obsolete treatments provided under compulsory health insurance.


As the Swiss healthcare system covers a relatively small area, there was no need to maintain two parallel structures. The SMB discontinued its activities in mid-2022.





lic. phil. Valérie Clerc
Secretary General
Tel. +41 31 306 92 71