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The SAMS advocates close links between clinical practice and medical science. In its view, open access to research results is the best way of ensuring and improving the availability of information for researchers, healthcare professionals, patients and the general public.

In a position paper prepared in 2014 by its Biomedical Libraries Committee (in French | in German), the SAMS calls on publishers and scientific actors to facilitate and expedite the transition to open access, in order to maximise the benefits of medical research for society.


All SAMS publications are available open access on our website. The most recent publications are listed on Zenodo, an open-access repository operated by CERN.


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Swiss Medical Weekly

The SAMS is a member of the association supporting the Swiss Medical Weekly (SMW), an international peer-reviewed medical journal which follows the Public Service Open Access model (also known as Diamond or Platinum Open Access). This means that the articles published are permanently and freely accessible, and that the journal does not levy any article-processing charges. The only criteria for the acceptance of a manuscript submitted to the SMW are scientific soundness, novelty and usefulness to the readership.


Swiss Medical Weekly



Cochrane Library

Since 2016, the SAMS has co-funded the national licence for the Cochrane Library, whose recent content is not yet available open access.


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Activities of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

In 2019, the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences published a factsheet offering recommendations on the implementation of Open Access and Open Data. The aim is to promote scientific progress for the benefit of Swiss society as a whole. The factsheet is addressed to the scientific community and to stakeholders with an influence on policymaking in this area.


The Swiss Academies are involved with their partners in the Open Research Data Strategy (ORD) and its implementation.






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