Divers fonds et programmes de soutien permettent à l'ASSM – souvent en collaboration avec des fondations privées – d'encourager la relève scientifique et la recherche. Lorsque l’affectation des fonds n’est pas définie dans le cadre d’un legs, ceux-ci sont destinés à des domaines de recherche importants pour la médecine et le système de santé, mais encore peu établis.

Informations relatives à toutes les possibilités d’encouragement sur

Subsides MD-PhD

Julien Angelillo, Genève

Deciphering the cross-talk between innate lymphoid cells and tumor-associated lymphatic vessels to improve anti-tumor immunity

CHF 146'692
Louis-Emmanuel Chriqui, Lausanne

Vascular and immune impact of photodynamic therapy combined to immune checkpoint inhibition in malignant pleural mesothelioma: insights from an intravital imaging model

CHF 191'553
Morgane Decollogny, Bern

Targeting the niche of drug-tolerant tumor-repopulating cells to eradicate residual disease in triple-negative breast cancer

CHF 189’902
Manuel Egle, Bern

Cardiac graft preservation and evaluation in transplantation with donation after circulatory death

CHF 189’902
Corinne Eicher, Zürich

Local sleep deprivation by closed-loop acoustic stimulation in depression: an experimental study of an innovative treatment approach

CHF 189'902
Felix Gerber, Basel

Generating evidence to improve access to early initiation of antiretroviral therapy in persons living with HIV in resource-limited settings

CHF 188'250
Tim Jonas Hallenberger, Basel

The role of early minimally invasive endoscopic surgery in spontaneous supratentorial intracerebral haemorrhage

CHF 188’250
Sarah Jungius, Basel

SHP2 as a mediator of MAPK activation in myeloproliferative neoplasms: molecular mechanism and translational potential

CHF 188’250
Benedict Morin, Basel

Mechanisms of intracellular persistence of Staphylococcus aureus in human infection

CHF 188'250
Simon Schading, Zürich

Quantitative and functional MRI investigation of the neurodegeneration associated with spinal cord injury in neuraxis

CHF 189'902
Ramon Stäger, Zürich

Unravelling the cellular and molecular mechanisms of epithelial skin cancer development through multimodal single cell and spatial analysis

CHF 179'352
Katia Steinfeld, Lausanne

Lifetime changes in visual processing associated with mild myopia

CHF 191'553

Young Talents in Clinical Research 2020

En raison de la pandémie de Covid-19, le délai de soumission des requêtes 2020 a été reporté de six mois. Ces subsides ayant été attribués en mai 2021, à l'issue du processus d'évaluation, ils apparaissent dans ce rapport annuel avec les subsides de la mise au concours 2021.

Dr Cihan Atila, Basel

Beginner Grant: Circulating oxytocin changes in response to the oxytocin system stimulator MDMA in patients with Diabetes insipidus and healthy controls – the OxyMA-Study

CHF 75'000
Dr Maria Boesing, Liestal

Beginner Grant: Inhaled Aviptadil for the prevention of COVID-19 related ARDS

CHF 72'412
Dr Sebastian Christ, Zürich

Beginner Grant: Radio-oncological treatment of long-term glioblastoma survivors

CHF 72'219
Dr Sonja Häckel, Bern

Beginner Grant: Surgical treatment of thoracolumbar incomplete burst fractures in patients without neurological symptoms: 360°-fusion versus posterior instrumentation with an additional vertebral body stent

CHF 75'000
Dr Naomi Franziska Lange, Bern

Beginner Grant: Improving non-invasive assessment of advanced fibrotic MAFLD in diabetic patients

CHF 73'660
Dr Sophia Lengsfeld, Basel

Beginner Grant: Effects of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Analogs on Sexuality – the DESIRE study

CHF 75'000
Dr Victor Frank Mergen, Zürich

Beginner Grant: Optimizing cardiovascular risk prediction and success of transcatheter valve replacement with a new computed tomography technology

CHF 72'283
Dr Jeanne Moor, Bern

Beginner Grant: Sex-specific association of pharmacotherapy dosage with clinical outcomes in participants of the BEAT-AF and Swiss-AF cohorts

CHF 73'126
Dr Seraina Netzer, Bern

Beginner Grant: Association between hyponatremia and mortality and readmission in multimorbid older adults: a prospective cohort study

CHF 71'308
Dr Bernhard Matthias Siepen, Bern

Beginner Grant: Deciphering outcomes in intracerebral haemorrhage associated with different types of oral anticoagulants

CHF 74'000
Dr Stefanos Voglis, Zürich

Beginner Grant: Exploring new biomarkers for therapy-response and clinical outcomes in brain metastases by in-depth characterization of the tumor microenvironment using imaging mass cytometry

CHF 73'508
Dr Martina Zangger, Bern

Beginner Grant: Tackling potentially inappropriate prescriptions in Swiss primary care: sustainability and spillover effect of an eHealth solution for general practitioners and patients with polypharmacy

CHF 73'500
Dr Martina Göldlin, Bern

Project Grant: What is the role of small vessel disease dynamics in the prognosis of intracerebral haemorrhage? A prospective MRI-cohort study (MRI-PRO-SVD)

CHF 79'450
Dr Miro Emanuel Räber, Zürich

Project Grant: Interleukin-2 modulated B cell homeostasis in systemic lupus erythematosus

CHF 80'000

Young Talents in Clinical Research 2021

Dr Maiwand Ahmadsei, Zürich

Beginner Grant: Towards a better understanding of imaging-based radiomics biomarkers by association with high-dimensional molecular analysis in malignant melanoma

CHF 72'699
Dr Julia Flammer, Basel

Beginner Grant: Characterization of IgA+ B cells in Glioblastoma multiforme – the Chance GBM study

CHF 75'000
Dr Cecilia Friedrichs-Maeder, Bern

Beginner Grant: Pharmacological control of cortical excitability in epilepsy

CHF 75'000
Dr Nicolas Gürtler, Basel

Beginner Grant: Can continuous infusion coupled with therapeutic drug monitoring improve flucloxacillin target attainment compared to standard intermittent bolus dosing in patients with complicated Staphylococcus aureus infections? A randomized, controlled interventional trial

CHF 75'000
Dr Oussama Habra, Bern

Beginner Grant: Artificial intelligence to detect optic disc abnormalities from infrared images of the ocular fundus

CHF 75'000
Dr Sarah Hösli, Zürich

Beginner Grant: Analyzing the effects of rotation and translation on perceived direction of self-motion using a motion simulator

CHF 75'000
Dr Antonia Klein, Bern

Beginner Grant: Neuromodulatory treatment approach with transcranial alternating current stimulation for the Visual Snow Syndrome

CHF 75'000
Dr Giulia Rathmes, Zürich

Beginner Grant: Personalized insulin dosing: Retrospective analysis and machine learning prediction using electronic health records (EHRs)

CHF 73'088
Dr Dominik Sager, Zürich

Beginner Grant: Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography for Personalized Management of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

CHF 74'738
Dr Mirah Stuber, Bern

Beginner Grant: Central nervous system medication and risk of hospital admission in older multimorbid adults: a prospective cohort study

CHF 70'830
Dr Paulina Sypniewska-El Khoury, Genève

Beginner Grant: Enhanced vs. standard pain management in patients at risk for persistent postoperative pain: a pragmatic, randomized controlled trial

CHF 64'410
Dr Miranda Visini, Bern

Beginner Grant: The voice as a tool to detect recurrence of laryngeal cancer

CHF 39'235
Dr Jacqueline Wyss, Bern

Beginner Grant: Impact of a low carbohydrate diet on the small intestinal microbiota

CHF 75'000
Dr Marc-Antoine Bornet, Lausanne

Project Grant: Will to live and its relationship to life-sustaining treatment preferences, healthcare use and the wish to die among older nursing home residents

CHF 80'000

Fonds Helmut Hartweg

Il n’y a pas eu de mise au concours du Fonds Helmut Hartweg en 2021 en raison de rendements boursiers insuffisants.

Fonds Käthe Zingg-Schwichtenberg (Fonds KZS)

Mise au concours thématique sur l’accès aux soins médicaux et infirmiers en cas de pénurie des ressources

Prof. Nikola Biller-Andorno, Zürich

Just allocation of scarce healthcare resources during and beyond a pandemic: The case of triage

CHF 48'000
Dr Rachel Rutz Voumard, Lausanne

Silent triage and cognitive biases during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

CHF 75'700
PD Dr Tenzin Wangmo, Basel

Decision making in times of scarce resources: A mixed-method study

CHF 146'636

Fonds Théodore Ott

Il n’y a pas eu de mise au concours du Fonds Théodore Ott en 2021 en raison de rendements boursiers insuffisants.

Swiss Personalized Health Network

À la demande de la Confédération, l’ASSM dirige la mise en œuvre de l’initiative «Swiss Personalized Health Network» (SPHN) en collaboration avec le SIB Institut suisse de bioinformatique. Le SPHN contribue au développement, à l’implémentation et à la validation d’une infrastructure coordonnée, afin de rendre les données de santé interopérables et partageables pour la recherche en Suisse.

Une deuxième mise au concours publiée en 2021 s'est focalisée sur les «National Data Streams (NDS)» et soutiendra des consortiums multidisciplinaires qui investissent dans le développement d'une infrastructure de données durable. Les attributions pour les NDS n'auront lieu qu'au printemps 2022 et n'apparaissent donc pas dans le rapport annuel 2021.

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